Tarek Moadad

Associate / Mechanical / Melbourne

e: [email protected]

'With a steadfast drive, construction, design, and innovation fuel my commitment to shaping a better world through transformative ideas and practical solutions.'

Tarek is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the construction industry. Passionate about his discipline, Tarek firmly believes that mechanical engineering is the cornerstone of every building, playing a pivotal role in creating functional and liveable spaces that enrich people’s lives.

Throughout his career, Tarek’s dedication and expertise have culminated in a series of key career highlights. Among these, he takes immense pride in successfully delivering several high-end projects in the commercial and healthcare sectors. These achievements reflect his commitment to excellence and his ability to deliver exceptional results that leave a lasting impact.

Notably, Tarek has made significant contributions to two major projects. One of them is CSL’s GMP and PC2 labs facility at Elizabeth North, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail and adherence to quality standards. The second project is MEL11 data centre, underscoring his capacity to tackle cutting-edge technological challenges.

Aligned with ADP Consulting’s vision to ‘Inspire a better world through influence and design, Tarek firmly believes that he and the ADP team can make a genuine difference. By focusing on delivering sustainable and high-end projects, catering to clients’ unique needs, and never compromising on quality, they can positively impact clients, projects, and the planet.

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