16 Sep 2020

Richmond – Breaking ground on resilient and connected living

‘Richmond’ is a 12-level development with high aspirations to deliver excellent design and sustainability outcomes to the City of Yarra. The development will house over 360 apartments, a new Coles full format store, commercial offices, specialty retail and food & beverage offerings. The ground level will have access points and laneways, activating the heart of the development and connecting it to the Bridge Road and Church Street community.

Central to the development is the emphasis on providing quality amenity and common areas to actively promote a strong sense of place and community that is more connected and socialised.

With a focus on sustainability, Richmond is designed to achieve 5-Star Green Star and 7-Star average NatHERS ratings and our team are developing a climate adaption plan, incorporating climate risk considerations into the design and development, as well as investigating a zero emissions strategy.

‘The quality of the build is intended to be higher to minimise any future maintenance costs so key design priorities for the ADP team has been incorporating systems and features to reduce operational life cycle costs as well as implementing design strategies which include on-site renewable energy, reduced embodied carbon materials and energy efficient systems.’ says Laurent Deleu, ADP Director and founder.

Water efficiency measures have also been prioritised in the development, providing resilience against future changes in rainfall patterns. Water falling on the site will be collected in 100,000L of onsite storage tanks and reused for toilet flushing and irrigation purposes.

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Laurent Deleu

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