15 Dec 2021

Recognising our great people of 2021

With Christmas just around the corner, we would like to take a moment to give a shout out to our people promoted to senior positions in 2021.

Thank you for all your fantastic work. We are fortunate and proud to have such a dynamic, talented, and fun group of people at the heart of ADP.

We look forward to being part of your professional growth and continued success as we step into 2022.

Thank you!

Tom Braggins

Associate / Melbourne

“I love working with the great people to deliver projects that aim to change the landscape of the environment around us“.

Sarah McMahon

Associate / Sydney

“I am passionate about creating bespoke solutions for clients and aligning our building services designs with sustainability objectives through the use of emerging technologies and smarter designs.

Wendy Martin

Associate / Melbourne

It is wonderful to work with a great team, to see projects go from concepts sketches to the finished building and provide the best solution for the project.

James Cannam

Director / Sydney

“I enjoy solving complex engineering problems with innovative and technology-driven solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable and meet our client’s needs”.

Russell Ross

Associate Director / Sydney

“Let’s work together to shift the dial in the right direction, decarbonise our built environment, and stay on the right side of history”.

Will Northwood

Associate / Melbourne

“Delivering cost-effective and innovative solutions to complex projects that will ultimately benefit the end-user, gives me the greatest satisfaction”. 

Hossein Reja

Associate Director / Melbourne

“You need to be excited by what you do. I feel that every day”.

Lucas Mory

Associate / Melbourne

“I love being able to walk through a building and say, ‘I was part of that’”.

Tim Mitropoulos

Technical Director/ Melbourne

“Seeing the final designed product working and in place gives me great satisfaction”.

Hamed Golshan

Associate / Melbourne

“I find every single project that I am involved in interesting. Every project has its unique challenges no matter how big or small, simple or complex it may be“.

Tom Candalepas

Associate Director / National

“The end-user experience and sensory wellbeing is important to me and is something I thoroughly investigate in the early stages of every project. Truly great environments for building occupants comes from great acoustics”.