18 Jul 2023

Jeremy Graham joins ADP Consulting as Digital Innovation Lead.

As a globally recognised Computational Design expert and developer of automation and Artificial-Intelligence based design technology, Jeremy’s appointment marks an exciting milestone in the growth of ADP.

While an architect at heart, Jeremy develops pioneering solutions which fuse data science, software development and computational design to drive optimal design outcomes. His impressive career spans multiple sectors, including sports, education, and health, where he has implemented bespoke generative solutions which support data-driven design.

 Jeremy has over a decade of experience specialising in computational design and developing innovative workflows. He believes good design choices are grounded in expert knowledge and data-driven design decisions. Based on this foundation, Jeremy collaborates with design teams to identify and develop customised design technology and tools that effectively addresses client and project requirements. These bespoke design tools leverage both public and private data sets to provide invaluable insights, informing design decisions and mitigating uncertainty from the onset of the design process.

During his early career, he focused on creating tailored tools for optimising sightline quality and functional requirements in stadium design. Notably, he worked on the Queensland Country Bank Stadium, developing the design of the irregular bowl shape.

Stadium Sightline Analysis Model

He has also worked within the Tertiary Education sector, where he implemented a highly effective data-driven design workflow. This workflow leveraged campus data to inform strategic decision-making regarding the optimal location and function of client assets. This was achieved by embedding generative algorithms into design tools which were designed to optimise the functional use of university buildings based on multiple constraints. This approach enhanced efficiency and design outcomes for both designers and clients alike.

At the forefront of artificial intelligence-based building design, Jeremy recently led the development of an AI-based property and construction design application – ZipGEN. Using the latest generative design methods, Jeremy developed a generative algorithm that designs, models and documents within 300 milliseconds! This web-based tools automates the design and documentation process for designers and fabricators, outputting a quote and full set of working drawings in minutes.

Jeremy’s extensive experience in computational design and software development uniquely positions him to craft comprehensive building services solutions. He believes advances in these technologies are integral in the future of sustainable design.

Jeremy is a regular contributor at industry events focusing on computational and artificial intelligence-based design. At the American Institute of Architects Annual Pro Series he spoke on  Artificial Intelligence in the AEC Industry and has delivered multiple talks on computational design at BILT and Autodesk University. Additionally, he has authored multiple courses on LinkedIn supporting computational and software development in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

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