27 Jul 2023

Nikki Beckman appointed as Director and Health + Life Sciences Lead at ADP Consulting.

Nikki’s appointment marks yet another significant milestone in our growth strategy, as we continue to expand the breadth and depth of our offer.

An architect, design strategist and researcher with a wealth of industry experience locally and internationally, Nikki is dedicated to shaping the future of social and critical care infrastructure projects across the health, residential care and life sciences sectors.

With a broad skillset and a strategic mindset, Nikki fosters partnerships and collaborative opportunities at the intersection of design, industry and research to inform better practice, improve design and operational outcomes, with the aim of creating places and experiences that value and respect the diversity of all users across all needs.

A firm believer that grounding design expertise in evidence-based learnings, not only increases the opportunity for improved design outcomes, but also enables a greater balance of diverse disciplines and perspectives to contribute to the challenge, Nikki’s strength lies in applying design thinking expertise and strategy to offer clients excellent value and broader, longer-term opportunities for improving design outcomes.

“I am so thrilled to join ADP consulting, it is truly inspiring to work in a multidisciplinary organisation at the forefront of environmental, digital, and human design – and who are experiencing such exciting growth and transformation across all levels of the business. The energy and passion to shaping the future of our social and critical care sectors is palpable!”

Throughout her career working at leading architecture practices, engineering and consultancy firms, Nikki has worked on major projects across the health, education, life science, and research sectors, including:

  • Retirement living villages, residential aged care communities including dementia and memory support neighbourhoods, and palliative care.
  • Hospitals – acute care, IPUs allied health, IPUs, Theatres, Day Oncology, Radiation Therapy Bunkers, primary care facilities, and medical centres
  • Complex medical research laboratories (PC2 and PC3)
  • Teaching and learning environments, and
  • Education precincts

Nikki has been involved in several landmark projects, including:

  • The Olivia Newton John Cancer & Wellness Centre
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital
  • VCCC Bid
  • Epworth Richmond Hospital Redevelopment
  • Australian Unity’s Rathdowne Place
  •  Uniting Communities “U-City” Social and Residential Care Tower
  • Hong Kong Hospital Authority Planning Efficiency Project
  • The University of Auckland Embalming & Plastination Facility
  • The Department of Defence (DST Group) PC3 & PC2 Research Laboratories.

Nikki has worked with clients, care providers, consumers, government departments, and key industry stakeholders from across the aged care and healthcare sectors to co-author academic publications and thought leadership, closely aligned to her PhD research re-examining the central role of space in residential care communities, from a socio-spatial perspective.

A sought-after speaker, Nikki is also a National Council Member of ACCPA Next Gen National Advisory Council and an Environmental Design Special Interest Group Member of Dementia Alliance International.

To learn more get in touch:

Director / Health & Life Sciences Sector Lead

Nikki Beckman

P: +61 3 9521 1195
M: +61 425 773 885
E: [email protected]