3 Jul 2023

Xavia Troeger promoted to Director.

We are delighted to share the exciting news of Xavia’s promotion to the position of Director at ADP Consulting. Since joining our Brisbane office in May 2020, Xavia has made a tremendous impact on our business. Initially, she spearheaded the establishment of ADP Consulting’s new fire safety engineering service offering and successfully built a dedicated team. This achievement led to her promotion to the National Specialist Services Lead.

In her role, Xavia has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities, overseeing not only the fire safety engineering team but also four additional service offerings and a team of 28 engineers across four additional service offerings, including Specialist Lighting, Acoustics, AV / ICT Technology and Vertical Transportation.  Under her guidance, these teams have flourished, delivering exceptional results and contributing to our overall success.

Xavia has been a true advocate for sustainable engineering and design solutions, consistently driving thought leadership within the industry. She has actively shared her expertise through impactful presentations, emphasising the role of engineering and design in combating climate change. Her focus on Electric Vehicles and innovative Fire Safety Solutions has been particularly enlightening.

Throughout her career, she has garnered experience across various sectors, including retail, civic, commercial, residential, health, defence, and industrial. Her landmark projects include the Gabba Stadium redevelopment and Commonwealth Games Carrara and Coomera sporting and entertainment centres. Through this work, she has developed expertise in CFD modelling, egress modelling for stadiums and high-population areas, and analysing security lines and the impact of media and athletes on buildings. Furthermore, she has significantly contributed to projects such as 101 Albert Street, River Street in Melbourne, Budds Beach Precinct, Pacific Epping redevelopments, Mater Springfield Hospital, and Valley Metro Redevelopment.

Beyond her technical prowess, Xavia is passionate about raising awareness of fire safety and promoting fire engineering as an exciting profession. Paving the way for future female leaders in engineering, she actively engages with school students and female graduates entering the property industry, inspiring them to consider engineering a rewarding career path.

ADP Consulting CEO Belinda Coates says “Xavia’s appointment as Director and the distinction of becoming the first female shareholder in Brisbane is a testament to Xavia’s exceptional leadership skills, extensive expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Congratulations Xavia.

To learn more get in touch:

Director / National Specialist Services Lead / National Fire Safety Lead

Xavia Troeger

P: +61 7 3088 4022
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