4 Aug 2023

Kicking off FY24 with some elevations!

We are proud to announce the promotion of 21 of our ADP team members. These elevations are the well-deserved recognition of their outstanding contributions and reflect the importance we place on ensuring there are career pathways available for everyone to continue to thrive within our business.

Effective 1 July 2023, the following ADP team members have been elevated:

To Director:

  • Xavia Troeger to Director (Brisbane)

To Associate Director:

  • Matt Payne to Associate Director | Mechanical Team Lead (Melbourne)
  • Alex Sear to Associate Director | Building Revitalisation Lead (Melbourne)
  • Kieron Smith to Associate Director (Sydney)
  • Brian Calcutt to Associate Director |Electrical Team Lead (Sydney)
  • Michael Rickert Associate Director | Fire + Hydraulics Team Lead (Sydney)
  • Borris Boschman to Associate Director | Sustainability Team Lead (Sydney)

To Associate:

  • Audrey Penny to Associate | Sustainability Team Lead (Brisbane)
  • Vickie Huang to Associate | Sustainability Team Lead (Melbourne)
  • Samuel Morgan to Associate | Electrical Team Lead (Melbourne)
  • Tom Miers to Associate | Sustainability Team Lead (Melbourne)
  • Nilesh Patel to Associate | Mechanical Team Lead (Sydney)
  • Sam Youssef to Associate | Mechanical Team Lead (Sydney)
  • Alister Curtain to Associate | Fire Services Team Lead (Brisbane)
  • Ryan Godfrey to Associate | AV/ICT Team Lead (Sydney)
  • Shihad Sakil to Associate | Fire Protection Team Lead (Sydney)

In our Business Services team:

  • Brenna Dowling to National Bid Manager (Sydney)
  • Samantha Singh to Office Manager & Employee Experience Coordinator
  • Lauren Miller to Executive Assistant & Employee Experience Adviser (Melbourne)
  • Stefani Christy to Executive Assistant (Melbourne)
  • Stephanie Coles to Office Manager (Brisbane)