14 Sep 2023

ADP in the News: Energy-hungry data centres can also be a source of power.

Recent research by ADP’s Data Centre team has been a hot topic in the news this week.

Data centres are among the most energy and water-intensive infrastructure assets today.  

Our report reveals that 6 billion people, or 90 percent of the global smartphone market, are estimated to be using generative AI applications by 2028, consuming 4250 megawatts of power. Data centres, which already require significant amounts of power, generate heat that can be harnessed through new technology, such as liquid cooling systems. This heat can be used to provide hot water to neighbouring buildings and precincts.

Commenting in the Australian Financial Review, Engineer and Director at ADP Consulting, John Vollugi commented, “Data centres are a constant energy source. The immersion cooling in its various forms is starting to become a usable technology, and this is what’s unlocking the potential in a more efficient way.”

You can read the research by downloading the paper here – “Think…Liquid Cities”.
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