19 Sep 2023

Pedalling for a Purpose: Wrapping Up the 2023 Tour De PIF Sydney.

More than 330 individuals, organized into nearly 40 teams, displayed their resilience in the face of rain and chilly weather as they walked, ran, and cycled to generate essential funds for homeless youth at Scheyville National Park in Sydney.

Despite the conditions, the mood of the participants was electric, with everyone keen for a chat. Cycling enthusiasts embarked on an epic journey, especially those tackling the challenging 100km route along the picturesque Hawkesbury River, making a U-turn just before reaching Wiseman’s Ferry. This gruelling ride required over three hours in the saddle!

Meanwhile, the 60km route, which ventured inland past Cattai and turned around near Sackville North, presented its own challenges. Both routes featured a demanding Hill challenge that crowned a Queen and King of the Mountain. The ADP team quickly worked the first 25km with Simon Daly leading the pack. This was the first rest stop, and it did not disappoint, with jam-filled donuts and other delicious pastries carefully selected for optimum performance. Near the end of the rest stop, the rain really started to set in even harder than before. It was time to ride on!

The next leg saw the team winding along the beautiful Hawkesbury River—a technically challenging section with tight, slippery corners. But between the tight corners and sharp uphill pinches, the winding river scenes were breathtaking. The last 30 or so kilometres was a pleasant, fast-paced ride to the finish.

For those walking and running, the track boasted rolling hills and a touch of mud, elevating the fitness activity to a high-grade adventure. Crossing the finish line brought immense satisfaction, and along the way, some were delighted by the sight of kangaroos.

As the sun emerged, participants gathered at the event village for a well-deserved lunch and soothing massages. This break allowed everyone to recharge, relax, connect with others, and strengthen bonds with their teammates.

The event saw numerous teams, including ADP’s, with members participating in various activities. It was truly inspiring to witness everyone embrace the physical challenges and raise crucial funds to support the construction of homes for homeless youth.

We want to thank all our participants and everyone who donated.

The @Property Industry Foundation is raising funds to build 19 beds for homeless youth in Sydney. Over a year, that is a lot of safe sleeps.

ADP Consulting is proud to be the 2023 Walk / Run Sponsor of Sydney’s Tour De Pif and the Principal Sponsor of Melbourne’s Tour De Pif on Friday, 17 November, at Healsville in Melbourne.