18 Dec 2023

Ending 2023 with a bang!

We are proud to announce the promotion of 16 of our ADP team members.

These elevations are the well-deserved recognition of their exceptional contributions to our vision of ‘inspiring a better world through influence and design’ and reflect their commitment to our ADP Consulting values.

Effective in January 2024, the following ADP team members have been elevated:

To Director:

  • Alex Sear I Building Revitalisation Lead (Melbourne)

To Technical Director:

  • Nigel Doxey I Laboratory & Life Science Specialist (London)

To Associate Director:

  • Lucas Mory I Mechanical (Melbourne)
  • Shihad Sakil I Fire Protection (Sydney)

To Associate:

  • Robert Holman I Vertical Transportation (Brisbane)
  • Christofer Tapper I Sustainability (Brisbane)

To Senior Consultant & Consultant:

  • Shruti Rajan I Sustainability (Melbourne)
  • David Woodman I Sustainability (Melbourne)
  • Nicholas Hill I Sustainability (Melbourne)
  • Jojy Koshy I Sustainability (Brisbane)
  • Bhargavi Mysore I Sustainability (Melbourne)

To Engineer & Designer:

  • Jazeel Ajireen | Electrical Engineer (Melbourne)
  • David Bui | Fire Protection Engineer (Sydney)
  • Jacob Carratt | Mechanical & Electrical BIM Designer (Sydney)
  • Dabin Paek | Vertical Transportation Engineer (Brisbane)

In our Business Services team:

  • Lauren Miller to Executive Assistant & HR Adviser (Melbourne)