3 Apr 2024

ADP Consulting appoints Kyle Vander-Kuyp as First Nations Advisor

Kyle’s appointment signifies a pivotal milestone in our reconciliation journey.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Kyle Vander-Kuyp, owner and co-founder of The Bulwul Njindiwan Group, as First Nations Advisor to ADP Consulting.

Kyle is a proud descendant of the Yuin Clan of South Coast NSW, and the Woromi Clan of North Coast NSW. He is also a 12-time national hurdles champion and Australian record holder in the 110m hurdles event, and has competed at two Olympic Games, four World Championships and four Commonwealth Games.

Since retiring from athletics, Kyle has been a strong advocate for First Nations peoples and has served as an Ambassador for a variety of Indigenous, private, public and sporting organisations. He is passionate about supporting opportunities for First Nations people and established Bulwul Njindiwan for this very reason.

The Bulwul Njindiwan Group (TBNG) is committed to creating improved economic and social outcomes for First Nations businesses and communities. The name derives from his grandmother’s Dhurga language, the language of the Yuin people.

Bulwul – (pronounced boolwool) means ‘Strong’
Njindiwan – (pronounced nindiwan) means ‘All of us’

To TBNG, it means ‘Stronger Together’.

We are honoured to have Kyle join us as we embark on formalising our official reconciliation journey. Kyle will sit on our Reconciliation Working Group providing leadership and guidance as we implement and progress the various strategies in our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, which is nearing completion.

We thank Kyle and the wider TBNG team for joining us on this journey and look forward to working – stronger together.

To read more about TBNG: https://www.tbng.au/home