30 Apr 2024

ADP Consulting Celebrates Leading Engineering Consultant Nigel Doxey’s Thirtieth Year in the Industry

Technical Director and resident Laboratory and Life Science Specialist Nigel Doxey is celebrating three decades of providing engineering consulting services focused on the planning, design and delivery of facilities in the science, research, education and health sectors.

A Chartered Engineer who has worked with many international award-winning architects, Nigel bridges the ADP Consulting Australian and UK offices by lending his expertise to our complex projects.

Nigel is the author of ADP Consulting’s latest white paper, elaborating on the heightened demand for flexibly designed and engineered life science and laboratory enabled spaces in a post-COVID world.

Please click here to view the white paper.

Throughout his career, Nigel has been driven by helping advance science, education and health through well-engineered, safe and sustainable built environments that benefit all stakeholders.

Some key projects where he has had significant or leading roles include:

Nigel’s experience has provided him with a broad appreciation of all stages of a project’s lifecycle from initial functional briefing to user transition and operation, including the critical components, considerations and roles that are key to achieving a successful outcome.

“A key part of my design approach is open and collaborative engagement with all stakeholders to understand in greater detail the science, vision and key drivers that influence the function and form of a facility.”

Nigel Doxey

“Through elements such as early involvement, iterative and flexible design solutions, concept alignment workshops, and integrated scenario testing on site I have been able to achieve successful engineering outcomes across my project portfolio.”

Nigel has also presented on the importance of engineering in the built environment and how both function and form can be harmoniously integrated into the design.

Congratulations Nigel on this incredible milestone.

To learn more get in touch:

Technical Director - Laboratory and Life Science Specialist / London / Australia

Nigel Doxey

P: +44 7795 029 614 / +61 3 9521 1195
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