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Creating safe environments in complex facilities

We understand the challenges, processes, and critical success factors involved in designing complex facilities from start to finish and beyond. Our experienced team have previously worked for tier 1 engineering firms on some of the largest and most advanced laboratory, pharmaceutical, biotech and research facilities across Australia.

With laboratory standards and building codes becoming ever more stringent, changing procurement and construction models and a demand to integrate sustainable features, designers’ challenges are increasing. We now need to do a lot more, with a lot less.

Project requirements can range from the need to upgrade an outdated facility to current codes, introduce fume extraction to an existing building, the requirement for operational flexibility or the delivery of a quarantine facility.

The shopping centre is experiencing an evolution in design. It is being transformed into an end destination where customers are experiencing contemporary spaces to relax and socialise, shop and play, and work, live, and learn. With onsite access to hotels, coworking spaces, high-standard residential areas, business schools and universities, theatres and even rooftop farms, retail destinations are becoming the beating hearts of our communities.     Whether your project is a standalone store or a new shopping mall, a supermarket chain, large format retail or an entire retail-led town centre, our team understands the technical complexities of retail and will provide sustainability strategies and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions.

The Way We Work

Providing a safe, well-engineered facility that achieves the intended functional, environmental, and built form requirements, permitting flexibility whilst complying with relevant codes and standards is key to our design approach.

Going above and beyond makes us different, and our ability to be an integral part of a project from start to finish and beyond is a key differentiator.

Early upfront involvement in the briefing and planning of the built form is critical for a project’s success. We are passionate about understanding the science – we listen, question, and collaborate with the end-users and other stakeholders to help them realise their vision and integrate their needs and the engineering services into all design aspects of the project.

Towards the end of the project, we provide verification services, including integrated controls and ‘real life’ scenario testing (without ‘live risks’) to check the building and systems are operationally ready – this is another critical ‘operational’ success factor.

Beyond completion, we continue to share our knowledge gained throughout the design journey with end-users, so they are completely comfortable and competent in their new environment. We provide post-project assistance to ensure the design intent is carried forward in real-life operations.

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Key Experience

  • Wet, dry, and microbiological laboratories
  • Chemistry research
  • Teaching spaces
  • Super lab and interactive technology
  • Bioscience and bioresources
  • Microbiological and biosecurity containment
  • OGTR requirements
  • Pharmaceutical and clean room technology


Complex facilities and laboratories are, by their nature, energy intensive.

The need to integrate energy-saving technology and reduce energy consumption in operation whilst not compromising safety, the built environment or compliance is ever increasing.

ADP understand the key areas where energy can be reduced or recovered, which include the design of the engineering services, the layout of laboratory equipment and freezers, fume cupboard design and operation and the way in which the laboratories are run and operated.

We work collaboratively with architects, clients, and laboratory managers/users to ensure the ability to maximise energy reduction is incorporated into the design and operation of these facilities.

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Delivering connected buildings

As the world accelerates towards a digital future, buildings need to ensure they have a resilient infrastructure in place and their assets are future-ready, with the flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and ever advancing technologies. Another critical consideration is showing prospective researchers that the facility can provide a seamless digital connectivity experience.

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Our ICT team can help you with all your technology and communication needs, from Infrastructure and ICT networking to agile workspaces, audio visual, security and surveillance, intelligent buildings, and mobile apps.

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