Rebecca Patterson

Technical Director / Electrical / Melbourne

e: [email protected]
p: +61 3 9521 1195
m: +61 400 487 729

"Design runs my world. Good design is what gets me up in the morning."

With a passion for drawing and architectural design, Rebecca joined ADP as its design-led approach and vision aligned with her own of integrating great architecture with innovative engineering to create a truly great environment.

A registered electrical engineer with more than 20 years of experience, Rebecca begins every project with excellence in mind. Her desire for the perfect design, and engineering mindset, means she thoroughly analyses every aspect of a project down to the smallest details to ensure she can efficiently deliver the best outcome.

Rebecca has worked on an incredible array of complex projects, including the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre, a dome-like building, which she describes as “uncompromisingly iconic”. The project, which she worked on before joining ADP, combined her love of architecture and engineering and became a passion project. Rebecca believes a strong team makes the difference on a project and credits some of her best projects to those with a close partnership of client, stakeholders and designers, all working toward the same end goal.

She also believes longevity in the construction industry needs to be at the forefront of design. She would like to see buildings designed for 100-year lifespans, instead of a minimum mindset. A regular technical presenter on Lighting for Property Council Building Services, she is also passionate about the need to understand and appreciate the role of light and how lighting influences the human experience of spaces.

Rebecca believes the construction and engineering industry is ripe for change and urges women entering the industry to be brave and challenge the status quo. When Rebecca isn’t designing engineering solutions, she experiments with various visual art mediums to disengage her critical thinking processes and have fun.

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