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In this rapidly changing world, educational institutes must rethink how they operate and future proof their facilities for when the unforeseeable happens. Reimagining how they will design future buildings and adapt current assets to suit their students and teachers’ evolving needs whilst looking at new ways to attract new students and secure investments. 

When designing an educational space, there are many important considerations, whether it is a tertiary, TAFE or school building, a new build or refurbishment. Flexibility is vital, as education agility has become necessary for ease of learning continuity, especially when the unforeseeable happens. 

By applying innovative and forward-thinking engineering principles, our team will help you deliver innovative teaching and learning facilities to create great environments that will inspire future generations, igniting their imagination and creativity.

Our team is passionate about designing desirable and collaborative spaces with the ease of connectivity and communication through the latest technologies while driving sustainability initiatives for students and teacher’s health and wellbeing.

The shopping centre is experiencing an evolution in design. It is being transformed into an end destination where customers are experiencing contemporary spaces to relax and socialise, shop and play, and work, live, and learn. With onsite access to hotels, coworking spaces, high-standard residential areas, business schools and universities, theatres and even rooftop farms, retail destinations are becoming the beating hearts of our communities.     Whether your project is a standalone store or a new shopping mall, a supermarket chain, large format retail or an entire retail-led town centre, our team understands the technical complexities of retail and will provide sustainability strategies and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions.

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The tertiary sector has seen a significant shift in how it operates. With less state funding, reduced internal teams and portfolios of higher volume, smaller projects and tighter timeframes, our team provide our clients with the trust and expertise required to deliver. Our cross-pollination of ideas through our sector diversification and ADP’s investment in acquiring leaders from the industry brings a new way of fresh thinking to our projects.

Our team is passionate about designing bespoke and flexible spaces where academics love to teach, and students love to learn.  We provide the building blocks that allow these unique spaces to be created, including ICT consulting for enabling technology and sustainable solutions aligned with the user’s wellbeing that allows full expression of the institution’s unique identity.

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With the industry’s perception of how we teach and learn rapidly evolving, TAFEs are now aligning themselves with the upward trend of digital teaching, providing academics and students with the proper infrastructure and technology for seamless connectivity to teach or learn from anywhere and at any time.

Our ICT team has international experience in countries at the forefront of emerging technology. We are raising the bar locally to align with global standard and be on par with the latest technologies and solutions for our clients.

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Australian schools, both public and private, are evolving.  With an increasing population, higher density areas and some educational institutions taking a more contemporary approach to teaching, creating adaptable and flexible spaces for learning are becoming more critical for schools.

Whether it is new a building or a refurbishment, our team of engineers and designers will provide creative, innovative, and cost-effective design to support a dynamic community for students across teaching spaces, shared spaces, and outdoor facilities.

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Exemplar learning labs showcasing sustainability

Significant research demonstrates that well-designed spaces have a tangible impact on improving student’s cognitive performance, learning abilities and test results. It has also been shown that exemplar buildings can serve as learning labs that demonstrate to students the importance of high levels of energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

Our Education team assists clients to deliver net zero buildings that are connected to nature, to ensure the next generation of leaders benefit from and value sustainable buildings.

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Technology driven teaching spaces

As the world accelerates towards a digital future, educational institutes need to ensure they have a resilient infrastructure in place and their building assets are future-ready, with the flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and advancing technologies.

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Our ICT team can help you with all your technology and communication needs, from Infrastructure and ICT networking to agile workspaces, audio visual, security and surveillance, intelligent buildings, and mobile apps.

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