Western Sydney University, Building R7


Western Sydney University, Building R7


Hawkesbury Campus, Richmond


Western Sydney University




Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, Hydraulics

Western Sydney University is engaged in a series of works to relocate a number of offices and divisions to its Hawkesbury campus.

Building R7 was originally built in 1949-1950 to offer accommodation to the increasing number of college students. The relocation of campus services is providing an opportunity to refurbish and to adaptively reuse some of these existing, historical buildings.

These new modern offices will provide meeting rooms, offices and staff amenities for 48-50 staff.

ADP are providing electrical, mechanical, fire and hydraulics for the existing building refurbishment and are designing the Central Thermal Plant which will connect a number of the heritage buildings.

To learn more about the project get in touch:

Director / NSW Regional Manager

James Cannam

P: +61 2 8203 5447
M: +61 468 369 972
E: [email protected]

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