University of New South Wales Electrification Roadmap and Pilot


University of New South Wales Electrification Roadmap and Pilot


University of New South Wales




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Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, Hydraulics, Sustainability

Stage 1 – Strategy

In 2021, supporting UNSW’s net zero emission goals, the University established the UNSW Campus Electrification Roadmap initiative. The roadmap’s main goal was to identify the best path for the electrification of UNSW campuses and assets, based on technology readiness and economic efficiency, to reduce the University’s dependence on carbon certificates for offsetting Scope 1 emissions.

Since 2020, UNSW electricity is 100% renewable thanks to its Solar PPA. Hence, electrification was considered the most appropriate and logical path to achieve NZE targets for Scope 1 emissions associated with energy sources.

ADP Consulting was engaged to review UNSW Sydney campus assets, that is its buildings, systems and any gas-fired equipment.

The team performed an audit and devised an electrification transition plan for UNSW. This included identifying the current, and final, scope 1 and 2 emissions and prioritising high-emitting buildings. This plan also provided advice on low global warming potential refrigerants, structural guidance for heavy roof plants and other it recommended building modifications.

Following this, ADP consulted with key stakeholders and facilities management to provide advice, which helped UNSW develop a central strategy for its campus. ADP’s Electrification Roadmap informed what became the UNSW Campus Electrification Project which now forms a crucial part of UNSW’s Environmental Sustainability Plan.

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Stage 2 – Pilot

After completing the Roadmap, ADP was engaged as part of the UNSW Campus Electrification Project to deliver concept design for the first portfolio of 10 projects at the University’s Randwick and Kensington Campuses. These projects are currently in the design and development stage, and we have recently been appointed to deliver a further 10 projects currently in the concept stage.

The ADP design team is delivering tender-ready designs and documentation, with clear engineering designs, drawing sets, equipment selection, and cost estimations for all the building services that might be affected by the electrification project.

The team will use the opportunity to review potential energy efficiency gains in each project beyond the electrification of assets. As the whole HVAC system will be impacted by electrification, we will review how the buildings are performing and propose any alteration to increase performance and efficiencies.

The University’s goal is to have net zero emissions by 2050.

Services provided by ADP:

Phase 1: Electrification RoadMap: Mechanical, electrical and sustainability services.

Phase 2: Pilot: Mechanical, electrical, fire protection, hydraulics and structural

To learn more about the project get in touch:

Director / NSW Regional Manager

James Cannam

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M: +61 468 369 972
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