Creating clean, safe, and healing environments

Whether your project is a big hospital, a medical clinic, or an aged care facility, our team takes a future proof approach to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions with flexible and adaptable design to meet your asset’s changing needs. In addition, our team will provide clever cost-saving solutions to support the facilities whole of life operational costs and provide optimal efficiency.

With an increased social focus on mental health and recognition of the lack of proper care and facilities, there has been a significant increase in funding. We understand the technical complexities and design requirements needed to provide patients with a safer and calmer environment to help them heal.

We design spaces with better indoor environmental quality that will support patients’ and staff health and well-being through sustainable design such as indoor air quality, natural light, thermal comfort, visual comfort and biophilia. Our experienced health team have previously worked for tier 1 engineering firms on some of the largest and most complex hospital projects locally and internationally.

The shopping centre is experiencing an evolution in design. It is being transformed into an end destination where customers are experiencing contemporary spaces to relax and socialise, shop and play, and work, live, and learn. With onsite access to hotels, coworking spaces, high-standard residential areas, business schools and universities, theatres and even rooftop farms, retail destinations are becoming the beating hearts of our communities.     Whether your project is a standalone store or a new shopping mall, a supermarket chain, large format retail or an entire retail-led town centre, our team understands the technical complexities of retail and will provide sustainability strategies and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions.

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With hospitals running 24/7, sustainability, services infrastructure, energy efficiency and cost-effective solutions are crucial in design considerations to ensure patient care and needs are not impacted by unexpected events.

Technology is paramount in delivering healthcare today. We research the latest technologies to provide the best solutions for our projects, investigating heat pump technologies or solar thermal and electric technologies as better, more sustainable options than gas. Our team has also recently delivered one of the most sophisticated hybrid theatres in Australia, featuring state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and technology, including artificial intelligence robotic imaging.

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Medical Clinics

A growing trend in the health sector has been the increasing demand for medical centres to provide sub-acute and allied services to nearby major hospitals and health precincts. These facilities provide space and high-end facilities such as theatres, hospital rooms, day treatment facilities to healthcare providers to provide surrounding communities access to a range of services from physiotherapy and natural therapies to elective procedures and minor surgeries.

Privately owned and in some part by the doctors and surgeons, commercial viability is vital. Our portfolio of private health projects has provided our team with the knowledge and expertise to deliver highly efficient, cost-effective buildings with the flexibility to cater for both medical and non-medical tenants.

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Aged Care

With the recent Royal Commission investigation into the operation and management of aged care facilities, there are several improvements that need to come into play, to support and encourage our ageing population to live independently and happily, secure in the knowledge that there is help just moments away. By providing aged care facilities with excellent services infrastructure and systems, for example, state of the art fail-safe nurse calls systems, we can do just that.

Our team are passionate about designing developments that actively improve quality of life. Easy access to technology has become key, with COVID-19 highlighting the real need for great internet access so people can stay in touch with loved ones remotely as well as have an easy connection to staff.

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Wyvern Private Hospital, NSW


Creating enriched environments for people to heal

Creating a healing and calming environment is essential to help support patients through a tough time of illness or recovery. With any health project, our team listens, collaborates, and communicates with all stakeholders to fully understand all needs and requirements to develop a sustainability strategy that will positively influence the models of care, health and wellbeing of patients, their families, and hospital staff.

Our team are currently working with Wyvern Health to support their ambitious plans to set the benchmark for private hospitals by becoming the first WELL rated hospital in Australia.

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A helping hand to a digital future

As the health industry accelerates towards a digital future, hospitals must ensure they have a resilient infrastructure in place, and their building assets are future-ready, with the flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and advancing technologies. Digital tools and technological solutions can enhance the patient’s experience, drive operational efficiencies, provide better service delivery, and make communication easier and more efficient.

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Our ICT team can help you with all your technology and communication needs, from Infrastructure and ICT networking to agile workspaces, audio visual, security and surveillance, intelligent buildings, and mobile apps.

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