Laurent Deleu

Founding Director

e: [email protected]
p: +61 3 9521 1195
m: +61 417 399 301

"I believe as engineers, we can significantly support and influence the industry in creating, better more sustainable environments for our communities."

Laurent is a founding Director of ADP, leading innovative, creative, and free-thinking design on some of the most significant, most complex mixed-use developments in Australia.

He is passionate about place-making and people-centred design, creating environments to enhance and complement the built form and allow people to interact easily within them. Taking a holistic multi-disciplinary approach to projects, Laurent will look at all aspects from thermal comfort and acoustics to specialist lighting and technology to ensure a comfortable and seamless experience for end-users.

From an early age, Laurent wanted to create a better environment for our communities. He actively sought out a career where he could advocate for climate change and make a practical difference. With 50% of the energy consumed in all the world relating to buildings, engineering was the logical pathway to help him be part of this change.

As ADP’s Retail Lead, Laurent led the redevelopment of the Castle Towers Shopping Centre in Castle Hill and its transformation into a world-class retail offering and town centre. He provided clever and practical solutions to ensure minimal disruption to existing tenants and retail majors in the existing centre, a great challenge in a development of this size and complexity.

Currently, he is leading West Melbourne Waterfront, a major mixed-use and community development, with a strong focus on bioclimatic design, sustainability, and well-being, leading our team in their innovative approach to increase human health and reduce operational and embodied carbon.


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