Robert Holman

Associate / Vertical Transportation Team Lead / Brisbane

e: [email protected]
p: +61 7 3473 2125
m: +61 425 411 632

I'm driven to elevate not just people but also the standards of vertical transportation because, in this field, every rise presents an opportunity for innovation and a chance to uplift our world.

With seven years of professional experience spanning across Australia and New Zealand, Robert has established a robust foundation within the vertical transportation industry. His extensive practical and technical expertise in vertical transportation systems equips him to offer innovative, cost-efficient, and ecologically responsible solutions.

Robert brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in the realm of designing vertical transportation systems for tall buildings, such as 101 Albert St, 12 Hassell St and La Pelago, where unique considerations and solutions were imperative. His extensive experience encompasses the integration of cutting-edge technologies and elevator solutions such as Destination Control Systems (DCS), TWIN lifts, and Double-Deck lifts. These progressive solutions play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient vertical mobility of individuals within towering structures.

Robert’s adeptness in implementing these advanced technologies underscores his unwavering dedication to delivering cutting-edge vertical transportation solutions that span a diverse spectrum of sectors, including commercial, educational, governmental, healthcare, aged care, hospitality, residential, retail, and transportation. His versatility and proficiency position him as a highly valuable asset in the enhancement of vertical transportation systems and the pursuit of heightened efficiency and sustainability in the built environment.

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