Shihad Sakil

Associate Director / Fire Protection / Sydney

e: [email protected]
p: +61 2 8043 7848
m: +61 406 445 058

Harmonizing innovative fire safety solutions with seamless integration into architectural design is the heart of my fire protection engineering expertise.

Shihad embarked on his professional journey as a mechanical engineer and has since specialised in the field of fire engineering. His focus has encompassed both fire protection design and fire safety performance-based engineering. With a remarkable ability to recall standards, he possesses a profound understanding of fire services design and engineering.

Shihad is driven by a commitment to provide innovative fire safety strategies that address intricate challenges while seamlessly integrating with architectural designs. His dedication lies in aiding clients to attain their objectives while upholding occupant safety and aligning with design standards and engineering protocols.

Shihad’s work is characterised by meticulousness, especially in his role of guiding the fire team. He ensures a comprehensive review of both conceptual and detailed work prior to issue. His proficiency spans various domains including fire services design and engineering, HVAC system design, BCA compliance assessment, overseeing inspections, generating reports, fostering design and client communication, as well as steering project management and building services consultancy.

Throughout his career, Shihad has successfully executed pivotal projects. Endowed with a sharp attention to detail and adept problem-solving skills, he has effectively orchestrated and supervised fire services design for diverse building classifications and sizes. His command over fire services regulations and design principles has been instrumental in facilitating clients’ attainment of compliant and cost-effective fire services designs and engineering solutions.

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