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In a world of uncertainties, society has had to rethink and adjust to how we interact with the physical environment around us. With so many unpredictable forces at play, be it economic or social, governments and developers are reimagining public spaces and buildings to create adaptable, flexible, and safe spaces which are inspirational and dynamic to support our diverse communities.

A growing population, decreasing land availability and increased housing prices has led many city dwellers to live in smaller spaces with little or no access to private outdoor space, highlighting the need to provide places where people can retreat. Recently, local and global lockdowns and movement restrictions have also highlighted the need to support communities in all locations by providing access to public spaces and places to connect, socially interact and find commonalities through great environments.

Whether your project is a performing arts centre, gallery or museum, a community hub or civic spaces, a sports facility or an entertainment venue, our team understands the technical complexities of these developments and the need for functionality, flexibility, and optimised efficiencies.

The shopping centre is experiencing an evolution in design. It is being transformed into an end destination where customers are experiencing contemporary spaces to relax and socialise, shop and play, and work, live, and learn. With onsite access to hotels, coworking spaces, high-standard residential areas, business schools and universities, theatres and even rooftop farms, retail destinations are becoming the beating hearts of our communities.     Whether your project is a standalone store or a new shopping mall, a supermarket chain, large format retail or an entire retail-led town centre, our team understands the technical complexities of retail and will provide sustainability strategies and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions.

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Performing Arts

Performing arts centres are spaces that should enhance and enchant audiences while complementing the visual and performing artists who are taking the stage. These unique venues have the user experience at the forefront to ensure a captivating and immersive experience to attract and retain patronage to support the creative community.

Flexibility is critical, so the space is easily adaptable, whether to run multiple productions simultaneously, have a warm, intimate gathering or a significant headlining event. Our team provides cost-effective building design that allows for low life cycle and operational costs whilst delivering optimum acoustics, lighting, technology, and sustainability strategies. These are all crucial aspects of a great flexible performing environment.

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Museums and Galleries

Inspiring, stimulating and educating, museums and galleries are landmark destinations that attract visitors far and wide, making them essential for tourism and community engagement. Whether the building is large or small, a new-build or heritage restoration, creating excellent environmental conditions for both visitor’s and the exhibition’s itself, is crucial in the design of its spaces.

We understand the technical and placemaking requirements needed to provide cost-effective, sustainable solutions to ensure the best comfort to visitors and protection of the exhibits through innovative engineering systems design incorporated seamlessly throughout the different areas and spaces of the building and exhibitions.

Many museums and galleries increasingly embrace the broader business community to provide modern multi-function spaces to enable flexibility from hosting lectures to significant exhibitions. The presentation of exhibitions are also changing with increased demand for an immersive experience that integrates digital technology, audio visual, security systems, and themed and interactive lighting.

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The modern library gives communities a whole new lease of life, a place of social connection or retreat. They are being designed with improved acoustics, audio visual and technology, making them more user friendly and easier to navigate and explore. Designed with more natural light and enhanced thermal comfort, libraries have become a sanctuary for many local communities.

Importantly libraries support multi-generational socialisation. They offer multi-functional spaces for people of all ages, whether it’s for digital research, study, community workshops and talks, sensory play areas for children, or quiet rooms where people can get lost in their favourite book.

The range of internal spaces and uses makes the modern library a diverse place requiring the flexibility of thermal and acoustic separation. The building benefits from working passively for much of the day should aim to target both sustainable outcomes and keep the running cost manageable over the building lifetime.
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Civic Spaces

Civic Spaces are becoming increasingly important to connect people and civic buildings. Local businesses and councils understand the need for early community consultation to maximise the opportunity to drive more robust social engagement and inclusion across their constituencies. Broad in definition, they are predominantly located as an extended part of a public building – anything from a small museum, gallery, library, or community club. These spaces can be activated for local council events, utilised commercially to generate short term revenue or used by the public for a moment of respite to enjoy the surrounding environment.

These spaces need to be well maintained whilst preserving their appeal over the long term. Our building services and sustainability team carefully develop the concept based on cost-effective and energy-efficient principles. We anchor sustainability strategies right from the beginning with our design based on strong guiding principles that can inform the local community and guide the detailed design and procurement.

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Community Hubs

With increasing local populations and the effect of the pandemic on communities, many councils are looking to build world-class facilities, encouraging community interaction and social activities to support building strong and resilient communities capable of adapting to changing circumstances.

Community Hubs are built to serve a diverse demographic and allow for various activities, services, and use. Hence, flexibility and adaptability are essential to future proof the buildings to changes as the communities need change. Low maintenance and ease of serviceability are imperative. We can provide clever and efficient building services design with quality services to allow future-proofing and maintain low life cycle costs.

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Sporting facilities and venues are the beating hub of many Australian communities. Not just bricks and mortar, these venues represent the community’s values, showcasing the pride, passion and respect of past generations and the future ones to come.

We see a trend in more sophisticated amenities and higher quality spaces. As the level of the sport increases, so does the complexity of the facilities, with increased demand for hydrotherapy and recovery pools, sports science laboratories, rehabilitation rooms, function areas, press conference auditorium rooms, media-editing suites, and consultant rooms.

Our team understands the complexities of both professional and community sports facilities and the requirement for functionality, flexibility, and optimised efficiencies. We can assist your project with innovative ventilation solutions, contactless technology for access and locker rooms and energy reducing sustainable initiatives like high-efficiency heat pump technology and solar PV’s.

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Aquatic Centres

Aquatic leisure centres offer communities a wide range of activities for various ages and abilities, and facilities such as spas, saunas and water play areas, and multipurpose rooms for other activities such as exercise classes, childcare, and gymnasiums.

We believe there is significant scope for improving aquatic centres given the importance of the venue for the community and the relative expense in operation and maintenance of these spaces.

Sustainability is at the heart of our approach to both the building envelope and the engineering services. Our team follows a sustainable pathway based on cost-effective and energy-efficient principles to provide low energy use and remove condensation risk.
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Entertainment + Hospitality

Entertainment + Hospitality venues are an integral part of our communities, offering places to eat, meet and be entertained. From convention centres, concert halls, sports stadiums, exhibition centres to nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants, we understand the technical complexities of these developments and the need for functionality, flexibility, and optimised efficiencies.

To create a truly excellent customer experience, we take a holistic approach across all our service offerings. We focus on placemaking, social engagement and people-centred design. Our team helps our clients deliver ambient, comfortable, and interactive environments to their customers – from thermal comfort modelling, acoustic performance, ambient specialist lighting and clever technology to enhance wayfinding. We also provide performance based fire safety design and solutions to manage the safety of people and crowds as they evacuate venues during an emergency.

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Connecting community spaces back to nature

We are passionate about reimagining cultural and community places, spaces, and buildings to create great environments for communities to connect, collaborate, learn, and play.

Considering passive, active and regenerative design principles, we connect buildings back to nature and the surrounding environment to deliver places where people can gather and truly connect through culture, nature, and community events.

ADP is proactive in driving all sustainability ratings across our projects that enhance human health and well-being.

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Transforming community connection through technology

As the world accelerates towards a digital future, building owners must ensure they have a resilient infrastructure in place and their building assets are future-ready, with the flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and advancing technologies. Through the latest technologies, we provide seamless digital connectivity experience through mobile app technology allowing people to curate their visit, easily find specific locations and venues within any major facility.

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Our ICT team can help you with all your technology and communication needs, from Infrastructure and ICT networking to agile workspaces, audio visual, security and surveillance, intelligent buildings, and mobile apps.

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