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Sleeman Centre Freestyle Skiing Training Facility

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Sleeman Centre Freestyle Skiing Training Facility


Chandler, QLD


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With the 2022 Winter Olympics ahead of us, the construction of this unique training facility has just been completed and is pegged to be the best outdoor ski facility in the world.

Previously the Flying Kangaroo aerial team would have had to travel overseas to train so this new addition to Brisbane’s Sleeman Sports Complex will give our Olympians a great advantage as well as creating a pathway for future champions.

Although the centre’s official opening has been delayed due to COVID-19, the facility is already being used by our elite aerial skiers, with plans to accommodate future International Aerial Ski programs.

The new development will consist of seven ski jump runs in varying degrees of height and complexity that are located at one end of an existing 50m pool adjacent to the current Sleeman Sports Complex.  The seven practice jumps will simulate winter snow competition jumps, utilising the outdoor training pool for water landings.

Sleeman Centre Ski Jump ADP

Our team provided design advice from concept through to construction and detailing for the ramp sprinkler system and amenities. This included hydraulic, aeration (mechanical), electrical for concept and tender design and hydraulic and ski surface sprinkler system for the construction documentation.

As part of the scope, our team developed a proprietary system to address the specific requirements of such an exceptional facility. Being the first system and build of its kind in Australia provided an exciting challenge and opportunity for the ADP team.

The project involves the collaborative efforts of Buildcorp and the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA) who shared the vision of a world-class quality all-year-round ski jump. It will be a benefit to the community and an attraction on a national and international scale.

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