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Specialist Lighting, Electrical

The year 2000 Sydney Olympic Games were a momentous time in our history, remembered for incredible ceremonies, the determined and emotional athleticism, with highlights from ‘Eric the eel’ and the unforgettable Cathy Freeman winning a gold medal. The city was dazzling with iconic artistic sporting symbols, including the luminous giant Olympic Rings on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the three, colossal sporting sculptures hanging from Sydney tower.

The Sprinter was one of those three monumental sculptures, created by artist Dominique Sutton, which is now thankfully repurposed to illuminate the skyline on the M4.

At 16 meters high and weighing 8.5 tonnes in weight, the relocating and lighting of the sculpture presented its challenges. However, through great collaboration between the artist, WE-EF luminaires and ADP, those difficulties soon became new opportunities. For instance, the lighting of the sculpture had to retain its artistic integrity and the artist had a new intention and concept on which areas of the artwork were best to highlight.

The complication of where to mount and light the sculpture, were also on the list to engineer. Having The Sprinter positioned on a steep hill was astutely overcome by customed hinged poles, “We were fortunate to work in close partnership with WE-EF and the pole manufacturer to design a pole with pivotable extension arm, so that the light fittings can be located to maximise illumination to The Sprinter and maintain serviceability to the fittings in the best way possible. We wanted The Sprinter placed where it could shine and be illuminated for all the public to see and for the community and passers to enjoy.” says Patrick Pau, Associate. 

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