Creating regenerative retail and consumer connectivity

With the retail sector being affected by many global disrupters, and as consumers shift to digital and online platforms to engage with brands, retail operators have begun to pivot and adapt, focusing more on the overall customer experience than the shopping experience. In addition, millennials are caring more about environmental and social issues, resulting in an inherent need for shopping centre operators to develop robust sustainability strategies for their developments to attract and maintain brand loyalty. 

The shopping centre is experiencing an evolution in design. It is being transformed into an end destination where customers are experiencing contemporary spaces to relax and socialise, shop and play, and work, live, and learn. With onsite access to hotels, coworking spaces, high-standard residential areas, business schools and universities, theatres and even rooftop farms, retail destinations are becoming the beating hearts of our communities.     Whether your project is a standalone store or a new shopping mall, a supermarket chain, large format retail or an entire retail-led town centre, our team understands the technical complexities of retail and will provide sustainability strategies and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions.

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Town Centres

To create a truly excellent customer experience, we take a holistic approach across all our service offerings. We focus on placemaking, social engagement and people-centred design. Our team has worked on some of the most significant town centre developments and have an inherent knowledge of the operational and business requirements to trade uninterrupted while a development project is being undertaken.

We are passionate about being involved from the earliest stages of a project and assessing the site services infrastructure, a critical factor to ensure infrastructure is scalable for future changes and adaptable as the building’s use evolves.

Our team helps our clients deliver their vision by designing ambient, comfortable, and interactive environments for their customers – from thermal comfort modelling, sound acoustics, ambient specialist lighting and clever technology to ease wayfinding.

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Large Format retail

With more available floor space, pallet capacity, cheaper rents and ease of car parking, large format retail is here to stay. With increasing population growth and housing demands and the cost of living on an uphill trajectory, large format retail brands provide cost-effective products and brands to consumers.

With large format retail developments, we take a holistic approach to services, sustainability, and site infrastructure and identify common utility issues that arise from available network power supplies, the capacity of existing water and sewer connections, and the availability of gas supplies. With high population and long spaces, good Performance Based fire safety design is crucial. Our team takes a people centred approach analysing people’s behaviour to deliver the safest outcome for the project.

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Supermarket/ Fresh Food

With longer operational hours than most building types, our team will embed sustainability and energy efficiency solutions in the project’s early design stages to allow for cost-effective life cycle and operational efficiencies through utilising the latest technology, equipment, and control systems.

To deliver the best project outcome, our team works closely with the supermarket operators around their brief requirements to adopt the services requirement into their buildings across multi-site locations.

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Burwood Brickworks, VIC


Transforming consumer experience through people-centred design

A significant body of research confirms the strong correlation between comfortable, sustainable, and stimulating environments and the dwell times and spend rates of shoppers, demonstrating the strong Return on Investment of designing places where people want to be.

ADP has recently worked on the world’s first Living Building Challenge certified shopping centre that has achieved Net Positive Water and Energy status and significant ‘Petal’ achievements within materials, biophilic design, and waste reduction.  A considerable achievement towards being the world’s most Sustainable Shopping Centre and pushing boundaries in sustainable design within the retail sector.

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Curating a seamless customer digital experience

As the world accelerates towards a digital future, building owners must ensure they have a resilient infrastructure in place and their building assets are future-ready, with the flexibility and capacity to adapt to new and advancing technologies.

Through the latest technologies, we assist shopping centre operators in providing a seamless digital connectivity experience for their consumer, allowing them through app technology to curate their visit and easily find specific locations within a centre.

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Our ICT team can help you with all your technology and communication needs, from Infrastructure and ICT networking to agile workspaces, audio visual, security and surveillance, intelligent buildings, and mobile apps.

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