Specialist Lighting


Specialist Lighting

ADP’s Specialist Lighting team find the balance between art and science, recognising that superior lit outcomes require a holistic approach.

Our team work closely with all disciplines to integrate seamlessly into spaces and places, embracing the architecture and complementing the landscape.

Architectural lighting design is more than ‘Lux and Lumens’. It is a sensory experience. It defines the location, enhancing the aesthetics and design. Our team’s focus is the client’s needs, delivering an inspiring and evocative space to coexist harmoniously with the built environment.

Key Services

  • Interior and Landscape lighting design
  • Sports lighting
  • Custom light fixture design
  • Modelling of lighting solutions
  • Daylighting simulations
  • Lighting controls

Tailored Solutions for Bespoke Designs

We realise that no two projects are the same. We develop our creative process and capabilities to allow for custom designs that speak to the client’s vision, from unique lighting colour to emphasise the features of a facade to lighting design to complement and enhance a complex architectural ceiling structure.

How we work

We employ trusted and well-established processes to secure the best outcome for your project.

Utilising built prototypes, coupled with computer generated renders and calculations, we provide adequate and compliant lighting as well as true to real-life lighting effects, which effectively allows for a more efficient and intended lighting design.

“To deliver beautiful outcomes that integrate lighting seamlessly into a space, I believe in taking a creative yet practical approach. “

Dave Anderson, ADP Specialist Lighting Lead

Specialist Lighting Lead

Dave Anderson

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M: +61 0431 079 913
E: [email protected]