Commercial + Workplace, Living

The Queen’s Wharf Tower Precinct

Commercial + Workplace, Living

The Queen’s Wharf Tower Precinct


Brisbane, QLD


Destination Brisbane Consortium


Cottee Parker Architects


Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics, Sustainability, Information + Communication Technology (ICT), Specialist Lighting, Vertical Transportation

Located on the former Bellevue Hotel site and adjacent to the Integrated Resort Development (IRD) project, the standalone development will deliver a 72-storey residential tower (Queen’s Wharf Tower) and a 22-storey commercial building (Tower One) over six basement levels.

Queen’s Wharf Tower will be the tallest building in the precinct, just under the 250m limit. Level 8 and above will comprise residences, with levels 5, 6 and 7 providing a range of amenities for residents, including a swimming pool, yoga retreat, cinema, and event space.

Both towers are targeting a 6 Star Green Star Rating, and the commercial building will be a PCA, A-grade office tower.

Our team is providing fully integrated technology solutions, including a fully converged network for building services to enable Intelligent Building Data Collection and fully integrated home automation complete with remote intercom connectivity.

Whilst the two towers will share the ground plane and basements, they are being designed, engineered, and constructed as separate buildings with independent servicing. This will allow for each building to be owned and operated independently. 

The development is fronted by the Mansions and Bellevue Plaza, the site of the former Bellevue Hotel, which was demolished in 1979, a defining event in the history of modern Brisbane and lives on in the memories of many of the city’s population. Bellevue Plaza will become a public park, and, incredibly, will be fully suspended over basement one. Part of our work is providing specialist lighting design to enhance the environment and allow for an ambient experience for both building occupants and the local community.

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