Dave Mitchell is celebrating his first anniversary here at ADP Consulting, and his growing team of specialists in ASP level 3 and HV design services.

The team have had some high profile projects over that 12 months, including Central Barangaroo, where ADP provided substation & electrical infrastructure masterplanning, and the York Street commercial tower which involved a triplex basement chamber substation coordinated with subsurface train tunnels.

Provision of ASP Level 3 services is not only about design and documentation of substations and power infrastructure. At ADP we also provide

  • De-risking infrastructure on projects
  • Preliminary site advice & spatial allocation pre-DA
  • Coordinating ASP level 3 with building services
  • Feed in from on-site renewables like PV
  • Undergrounding of overhead assets
  • Pole, wire and underground asset relocation
  • Commercial and industrial connections to supply network
  • Embedded network design and authority interface
  • Public domain lighting design
  • Authority programming & project timeline management

Dave’s background working for Ausgrid and his extensive project experience and technical knowledge equip the team with the right insights to add value to projects and mitigate risk, whether that be in project management, advice, detailed design and documentation or peer review roles. To continue the conversation, please contact Dave on [email protected]